CTGBC Award 2022

In 2019, Habitat for Humanity of North Central Connecticut (HFHNCC) made a commitment to sustainable homebuilding and set out to build the organization’s first Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH). In June of that year, Habitat welcomed the Walton family to their new zero energy home on Roosevelt Avenue in Hartford. The home exceeded expectations winning the grand prize for the Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Award and the CT Green Building Council’s Residential Award of Honor. 

After such a successful build, Habitat NCC maintained the commitment to build ZERHs, which has positively impacted local homeowners and has allowed the organization to stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation’s best high performance home builders. 

In September 2022, these efforts were recognized again when Habitat NCC brought home another Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award for affordable construction of 200 Forbes St in East Hartford. Then in December the CT Green Building Council bestowed upon Habitat the Equity Honor Award for construction of the affiliates second concrete home located at 132 Cleveland Avenue in Hartford. 

Through a partnership with National Ready Mix Concrete Association and its “Build with Strength” program, the Cleveland Ave. home was built using donated Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) from Tremco/Nudura and concrete was donated by Tilcon. The house not only met the same Zero Energy Ready certification as 200 Forbes St, but thanks to its durable construction, it was also certified as a Fortified Gold home. This designation is the highest tier recognized by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, which certifies that the house was built to withstand hurricane force winds, torrential rains, and other extreme weather conditions. This level of certification often reduces insurance rates for the homeowner and provides a physically stronger home.

Together these two award winning homes highlight the type of construction Habitat NCC strives for every day. Building homes to achieve these high-level certifications is not only a necessary step to adapt to our changing climate, but also guarantees an affordable and comfortable home and a safe future for Habitat families.

To learn more and take a tour of our award-winning homes visit: https://www.energy.gov/eere/buildings/doe-tour-zero













  1. Veteran Build Capitol Avenue Project Close-out- Kris, Len and Tracy


Historic Home Revitalized for Veteran Family 


In 1890, a beautiful brick Victorian home was constructed at 315 Capitol Ave in Hartford. Over the past 132 years a lot has changed in the world including the surrounding community and maintenance of this once vibrant home. Left vacant and blighted, the home was purchased by Emanuel Lutheran Church in hopes of creating a welcome entrance to their ministry, but the historic nature of the home prevented demolition. That’s when Emanuel and the surrounding Frog Hollow community brainstormed how best to restore this historic home and decided to reach out to Habitat for help. “It presented a great opportunity for us all to partner together,” says Tracy Thomas, Family Services Director. “We get to revitalize this incredible home and support a family thanks to the involvement of the Frog Hollow community.” 

After extensive planning, remediation work, and interior demolition of the old plaster, volunteer work could finally begin. Through the Summer and Fall of 2022, volunteers worked diligently reframing interior walls, supporting floor joists, installing windows, insulating, painting, and flooring in order to create a fresh modern interior. All the while contractors repaired and replaced the roof, repointed brick, installed all new electrical, plumbing, and heating throughout the home. “The exterior of the home maintains all its original charm, but inside you can enjoy modern day comforts,” says Len Turpin, Rehab Project Manager. “I’m really proud of the volunteers who made this all possible.”

That pride is carried over to our selection of the prospective homeowners as this home has been designated for a Veteran family – and thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, sponsors, homeowners, staff, donors, and the City of Hartford, this project revitalizes a home that had been forgotten about and was an eye-sore among the city’s brilliant architecture.  


By revitalizing this home, a first-time homeowner will now be able to be a part of the vibrant Frog Hollow community and own a piece of Hartford history.  


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(Front of 315 Capitol Once completed TBD)