The House the Board Built


It is considered strong governance when a non-profit's board of directors are engaged in the fundraising and financial stewardship of the mission.  For the past 30 years, our board of directors has maintained a 100% giving policy, which means that each year our board members are charged with giving a meaningful financial gift. To kick start 2022, our board of directors is committed to raising $100,000 towards the sponsorship of a single-family home. This is exciting news and hope that you will support the board in this goal.  Click here to make a donation!   

2022 Board of Directors

Crystal Floyd, President

Steven Hernandez, Vice President

Ellen Below, Treasurer

Anne Hamilton, Secretary

Donald Bates

Monica Blanco

Jesse Carabase

Sharon Cheeks

Jennifer Guidry

Nakisha Farquharson

Wendy Palacios

Daniel Schilke

David Symonette